11 Signs that you drinking too much water

11 Signs that you drinking too much water

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Signs that you drinking too much water, Health officials have taught us that drinking adequate water is vital to allow the body to operate correctly. It is unless you consume too much of it. While most people are looking for indicators of dehydration, Experts say that overhydration is just as harmful.

Consuming too much water generally can result in nothing more than a regular flier trip to the bathroom. Still, in certain conditions, it could cause severe illness and possibly death, according to Austin DeRosa, MD Urologist with UCHealth Cancer Center located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado and the chair of robotics at the University of Colorado Medicine. Hyponatremia, sometimes called “water intoxication”, can cause an abnormally low level of sodium and other electrolytes in the bloodstream. This could lead to serious health issues like seizures and comas, which can sometimes be fatal.

Doctors share their experiences with the Healthy at Reader’s Digest and how, in extreme cases, drinking too much water can cause serious health issues, including seizures, coma, or even death. “The notion that you should drink only water and you shouldn’t drink excessive amounts of water is among the most popular health myths that I hear in my clients,” states Jennifer Caudle, MD, board-certified family medicine doctor and associate professor at the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine in New Jersey. “This is a highly risky myth since you could consume too much water, which could have severe consequences.”

The good news is that there’s a myriad of indications that you’re part of the affluent sipping crowd. If you’re one of them, you think you’re taking good treatment of yourself, which is certainly a great goal…but do you know if you drink excessively too much water?

It would help if you never left your home without a water bottle and always carried one.

11 Signs that you drinking too much water

If you carry your water bottle around all day long and replenish it once it is depleted, you might be drinking excessive water. Continuously adding water to your system can cause lower sodium levels in your blood. As per the Mayo Clinic, this could cause your body’s cells to expand.

It can be hazardous as your brain begins to expand, according to Tamara Shew-Butler, PhD instructor in exercise science at Oakland University in Rochester, MI. “Your brain will only expand around 8-10 per cent before it gets to the skull, which pushes the cerebral stem away,” says Hew-Butler. It’s a severe condition that will be discussed in more detail on it to come in next.

Headaches that throb all day long

11 Signs that you drinking too much water

Headaches may be a sign of overhydration or dehydration. If you drink too much water, the amount of salt in your blood decreases and causes the cells of the organs of your body to expand.

This can result in a negative effect on the brain. If your salt level is low, the cells expand. Imagine this: If you consume excessive amounts of fluids, the brain increases to the point of being pressed on the skull. The increased pressure could cause an intense headache and severe health issues like breathing problems and brain impairment.

You no longer feel the need to go to the bathroom.

Controlling your bladder is a skill that can be learned, and that’s why we “potty teach” children from a young age. But, if you continually drink too much or snatch your urine for too long, you could “untrain” this skill, as per the doctor. DeRosa. This can make it difficult to tell that you need a go to the bathroom or make you feel as if you need to go, even if you’re not.

Drink water, even if you’re not thirsty.

The best way to tell whether your body needs more fluids is to be conscious of whether or not you experience an overwhelming thirst. “Our bodies are equipped to fight dehydration since we’ve been being frightened of shortage or of not being hydrated enough of it,” Hew-Butler states, “so we have all of these built-in mechanisms in place to safeguard us from that. Thirst is a body’s monitoring device that informs them whether they require more.”

Your urine looks similar to water.

If you’re drinking enough water, the colour of your urine should range from straw to transparent. It’s untrue to believe that clear urine is the best sign of hydration. The opposite is true, says Dr Caudle; having colourless urine is an obvious sign that you’re drinking in excess water.

The legal advice suggests drinking 8 to 10 cups of water every day. However, as per Dr Caudle, the amount of water you should drink is contingent on your weight, height and age, your activity level, your health condition and the conditions. It is essential to understand what it feels like to thirst your body.

You frequently pee, even at night.

11 Signs that you drinking too much water

You are utilizing the term used in clinical practice for urination of the body, the doctor. DeRosa says, “On average, a person will have to urinate between six and ten times a day. So if you notice that you have to urinate more frequently than per day, you could be drinking more fluids than your body requires.” He states that the habit of waking up more often in the night to go to the bathroom is another sign of the over-hydration issue.

There are many other possibilities for the cause of frequent urination. These include an overactive bladder or taking excessive caffeine. If your drinking habits are within the normal range, yet you still have to pee every hour, you should speak to your doctor.

There is a leakage

The average bladder will hold 20 to 30 ounces of liquid before needing to release it. But as the doctor, Dr DeRosa, says, just because you can expand your bladder to the same size as a grapefruit doesn’t necessarily mean you must.

People who drink a lot can “hold it” longer to avoid snoring, which can cause bladder leakage. (If you need to urinate more frequently than every two hours or wake more often to go to the bathroom at night, You could suffer from an overactive bladder.)

You may vomit and experience diarrhoea or nausea.

11 Signs that you drinking too much water

The signs of excess hydration look much like the symptoms of dehydration, explains Hew-Butler. If you consume excessive amounts of fluids, the kidneys will reach the point of not being able to eliminate all the liquid. This leads to the accumulation of water within the body.

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There is swelling or discolouration on your lips, hands and feet.

According to Dr Caudle, in most hyponatremia-related cases, people are likely to notice swelling or discolouration of their lips, hands and feet. When the cells in the body expand, your skin begins to appear to swell. (Even in less severe instances drinking water can cause you to appear swollen or swollen.)

Drinking excessively can gain weight rapidly due to swelling and excessive liquid in the bloodstream. If you consume over 10 cups of water daily and notice swelling or discolouration to your lips, hands and feet, think about cutting off your water intake and check if your symptoms improve.

Your muscles are weak and can get crampy quickly.

A healthy, fully functioning body depends on balance. If you drink too much water, your electrolyte levels fall, and harmony becomes affected. Insufficient electrolytes can lead to many uncomfortable symptoms, such as muscle cramps and spasms.

You can avoid muscle issues by drinking a couple of glasses of water daily with coconut water, which is an excellent source of electrolytes and is 100% organic, or an electrolyte drink–our list contains several electrolytes which nutritionists suggest.

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